Mold Consulting

Mold Assessment

  • Site evaluations
  • Understanding laboratory test results,
  • Submitting recommendations,
  • Mold Remediation Protocols, and
  • Post-remedial clearance testing.

Remediation Protocol

  1. Rooms or areas where the work will be
  2. Estimated quantities of materials to be
    cleaned or removed;
  3. Minimum methods to be used for
  4. PPE to be used by the
    Mold Remediation Company;
  5. Types of containment(s); and
  6. Clearance procedures and criteria.

Post-Clearance Assessment

  • Visually inspecting for microbial impact,
  • Temperature and Humidity Results,
  • Quantify any moisture in building materials,
  • Sampling for mold spores in air, and
  • Certificate of Mold Remediation

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